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this quilt is crazy and insane and has kind of had a life of its own now, but it’s easily one of the coolest things i’ve designed. it’s so weird to see things that are not in my comfort zone and that i would normally never make, but get made because of work. 

What I get specifically are comments that have to do with being a woman - grotesque things about my looks, whether good or bad, what people would do with me (and I’m not talking about take me on a date,) saying terrible things about how women aren’t funny and just horrible things.

Usually people will say ‘well, those are just trolls in their mother’s basement’, but if you click on their profile it’s like ‘proud father of 2’,…so it’s just…I don’t belive in trolls as the only people that say terrible things. I think that the internet is real life, and…that’s a terrible person who is awful all day and then they went on the internet at night to continue the terribleosity.

So I will continue to throw down.

Just ignore them is a good philosophy for white men, but for women we still need to be loud, I think.

jenkirkman on throwing down against trolls on the internet. (via witsradio)